I-70 Floyd Hill to Chief Hosa

Project Type



General Contractor: APC Construction Co.
Subcontractors or Key Contractors

  • Lobato Construction, Ideal Fencing

Materials Used:

  • 64,000 TON SMA
  • 2,400 LF Ty. 9 Guardrail
  • 16,000 LF Ty. 3 Guardrail
  • 4,200 LF Tensioned Cable Barrier

This project consisted of a 2.5” mill and overlay of a 6-mile stretch on Interstate 70 west of Denver. The I-70 Floyd Hill to Chief Hosa project also includes 22,600 LF of guardrail that was removed and replaced to bring up to new standards.


“This was a challenging stone matrix asphalt paving project on mountain grades in the highly visible, politically charged Interstate 70 metro-to-mountain corridor. Due to heavy daytime traffic volumes and hazardous vehicle speeds, the work was performed at night to maximize safety and minimize impacts to the traveling public.”

Brandon Shafer, Project Manager

APC Construction